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Here you will learn about the various dynamics of Yuke Machinery, allowing you to understand us better. Of course, not only can you learn about us here, we will also update the latest news and developments of the fish processing market from time to time, so that you can grasp the latest information in the first time.


    The second batch of custom-made production line of Yuke Machinery in the New Year is shipped!...2021-02-20

  • The second batch of custom-made production line of Yuke Machinery in the New Year is shipped! This is a new customer introduced by one of our old customers, KN95 mask production line. To Europe. We at Yuke Machinery not only produce fish processing ma...
  • New year's first batch of goods...2021-02-20

  • The first shipment of the New Year of Yuke Machinery go, everyone good New Year! Need fish processing machinery to remember the first time to contact us, the source factory, self-production, support customization, one-stop service...
  • Yuke machinery wish you a happy Spring Festival!...2021-02-20

  • Dear friends Thank you for your support and love to Yuke machinery! 1. Yuke machinery business is in normal operation during the Chinese Spring Festival, and you can conduct business consultation normally; 2. During the Chinese Spring Festival, the r...
  • Norwegian salmon exports increase by 2% year-on-year in 2020...2021-01-30

  • From FiS news on January , the export volume of Norwegian salmon in 2020 is 1.1 million tons, and the export value is 70.1 billion Norwegian kroner. The export volume increased by 2% year-on-year, and the export value decreased by NOK 2.3 billion, or...
  • Market demand for fresh fish fillet machine expands...2021-01-29

  • Fish has always been an important part of global food culture, and consumers demand for fish diets is increasing. Among them, many fish dishes need to be sliced ​​before cooking. However, manual cutting of fish fillets is time-consuming and labor...








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